Uganda - The Pearl of Africa

The “Pearl of Africa” – Uganda is a land locked gem with the Lake Victoria one of the worlds largest lakes, it is also the start point of the mighty river nile and home to the snow capped Rwenzori mountains and the dense rain forests of central Africa. These diverse landscapes have some of the best birding in Africa and are home to an unusually high number of rare wild life species – including more than half the world’s mountain gorillas.

Gorilla tracking through the Bwindi impenetrable forests is an obvious highlight to any Uganda Safari. However, Uganda is not a one hit wonder. The awe inspiring Murchison falls on the Nile, and the endless savannah in Queen Elizabeth , as well as the vast arid park in Kidepo valley offer fascinating varied safari experiences with good populations of lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, giraffe as well as chimpanzees and the incredible shoe bill stock.


Uganda can be visited any time of year. However, the long rains during April and May should be avoided if possible as these can make gorilla trekking hard work. We can safely say, Uganda is hot and wet though out the year.

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