Uganda has something for everyone. From the most hard bitten adventurer to the most discerning connoisseur of food and wine, safaris in Uganda have become irresistible. It holds a richness of wildlife that tugs at our heartstrings, sweeping savannahs that beguile the senses and fascinating cultures that overwhelm us with humanity and dignity. It’s quite simply, a land that inspires lingering on. Visiting Uganda, you can see the whole of Africa in this beautiful country. It is Africa condensed, with the best of everything the continent has to offer packed into one stunning destination. Uganda also has the highest concentration of primates on earth including the majestic mountain gorilla. This is the Uganda we know, and the Uganda we are proud to show to the world. Let’s Go On Safari!

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  • 45 days prior to trip, balance payment is due.

    *In case of any pandemic related issues, booking can be amended at no cost, except any seasonal change in hotel prices.

  • We shall reschedule Gorilla viewing permits to fit within the next one year if already paid.
  • Trips already booked for 2020 and due to the Corona virus cannot be taken may be moved ahead of time when the travelers feel safe.

Uganda Safari Chapter 4Cs

Uganda is a unique, non-mainstream holiday choice. It is, in an exceptional way a passionate and uncompromising country. The Uganda Safari Chapter works to increase the awareness of Uganda as a preferred destination. We do this based on our strategically crafted 4 Cs.

1. Conservation

Our respect for conservation and culture is just one of the things that makes us different. A tradition of travelling in style and receiving excellent service is a hallmark of the Uganda safari chapter travel experience. It will be just one of the reasons tourists come with us time after time and refer their closest friends and families to our team of experts.

2. Contrast

When every possible detail of your journey is thoughtfully prepared, a peaceful state of mind is possible. With our extensive history, planning and managing tours for our customers has given us a unique perspective on travel and service excellence. Through the in depth relationships we have developed and our vast experience in Ugandan safaris, we are fortunate to have gained a great understanding and appreciation of the intricacies and beauty of the cultures and people we visit. We have also learned well what satisfies the most discriminating traveller. We seek out the best of class amenities that match our customers’ desires. The combination of unparalleled experience and passionate attention to details yields peace of mind that makes it possible to relax and be free to embrace your chosen adventure.

3. Credible

Our connections run deep in many of the most beautiful and exotic places in Uganda. The long history and unbroken thread of relationships and strong bonds of friendships and partnerships we have nurtured in the tourism industry is something we are exceedingly proud of. The Safari Chapter is registered and licensed to operate in Uganda.

4. Cool

We know that a luxurious room or lavish tent while on safari, as well as impeccable service are essential elements to your comfort after a day of exploration. While enroute, we always have beverages on hand and ensure that every vehicle has plenty of space so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. We also make sure you experience superb cuisine infused with the energy and spirit of the cultures you visit. Know that Uganda safari chapter cares about you, your experience and the people and culture we visit together. We value our long standing relations and are sensitive to delicate balance of the cultures, traditions and the natural ecology of every community. Our staffs act accordingly and will be equipped, well trained and prepared to handle every aspect of your safari. Whether you are travelling privately or with family and friends, Uganda safari chapter guarantees that all of our tours and packages include costs upfront. You will never be asked to pay for optional excursions that should have already been included. Our philosophy is simple: All internal flights, hotels, primary meals and special events arranged are included in the price. We design our safaris in a way that makes it easy to add them on to the beginning, middle or end of an adventure.

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