If I could travel back in time
I'd travel back to yesterday.
To feel the love again –
With the boys, at the bar, gym and in the rain
But now, everyone their separate way?
All on lockdown and strict home stay
A price we deserve to pay.
Yesterday, it was work and play
Now it is stay home and Pray
Until something happens, Pray!

If I could travel back in time
I'd travel back fifteen years ago.
If I could demystify the tourism industry
I'd educate government for you by now.
In 1999, 8 American tourists were slain in Bwindi forest
Travel into Uganda was reset.
Jobs, livelihoods in the sector were lost
Government did not compensate
Banks were casual
But anyway, that’s as usual
Over the years, the sector suffered
Recall…MARS, SARS, EBOLA, and now COVID.
See, the reality today
Leisure and business travel is on hold
Cancelled for months on end
By the way, no end in sight.
Where are you …Government?
Truth is, the entire value chain is at home
With no remedy to name
I’d tell my M7…

Businesses will close
School going children will have no fees
Those with debt will lose
I hear, even the economy will be on the loose
If I could go back in time, I would tell him.

If I could travel back in time
I'd travel back to 1979,
And cheer my brave parents,
And make the world a treat for you...
Mummy, mwakikola mutya?
In school we were, just like our children on the go
Schools were closed over radio jingo
For us, that war took out Amin.
To our children, this brought COVID-19
The result is same… Home stay and Curfew.
When we heard gun shots, the banana plantation was surely safe
No bullet was to go through a banana tree
Or so they knew
But then today, where would we run?
Mother nature, is the intention pun?
Well, it is 2020 and time will not go back
Guys, have your brothers back
Or else we all pack
Stay home and pray
Its life anyway
We are divided so as to be safe
This is the new together… isolate

Oh, If I could travel back in time!

By Mukose ‘O’mukose Petero
Uganda Safari Chapter (March 2020)


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